Kandango K2r

Kandango Unpaved

October 20, 2018

Volland , Kansas

Volland, Kansas

Little Egypt

Big Fun

Introducing beer angel

The Volland Store Rocks

Music, food and entertainment following the ride

Kandango Fall Klassic (Kandango Unpaved)

Join us for a one-day gravel ride on Saturday, October 20, 2018.

The ride features your choice of mileage in the beautiful Flint Hills. Immediately following the ride are a barbecue, band and beer, hosted by our friends at the Volland Store. Optional camping and breakfast on Sunday morning is available for riders wanting more.

Check out our ride. We think you will love it.

Gravel jerseys

Kandango Gravel Grinder Jersey

Made by Primal. Full zip. 

Silver Primal Snaps.

As home out on the town as it is on the range.

Road jerseys

2018 Kandango K2r Road Jersey

Made by Primal. Full-length zipper. Sport cut.